Custer County Disaster and Emergency Services Request for Proposal for Mitigation Plan PDM

Custer County
Disaster & Emergency Services

Request for Proposals for Planning Services
To Update the Mitigation Plan PDM

Custer County is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to update Custer County’s Mitigation Plan (PDM) Plan in accordance with all of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s current standards and requirements. The PDM Plan is developed to fulfill federal, state and local hazard mitigation planning responsibilities; to promote pre and post disaster mitigation measures, short/long range strategies that minimize suffering, loss of life, and damage to property resulting from hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions to which citizens and institutions within Custer County are exposed; and to eliminate or minimize conditions which would have an undesirable impact on our citizens, the economy, environment and the well-being of Custer County.

Sealed proposals with two (2) hard copies must be received no later than Monday, the 1st of May, 2017 by 5 PM MST. ANY PROPOSALS RECEIVED AFTER THIS DATE AND TIME WILL BE RETURNED UNOPENED AFTER RECOMMENDATION OF AWARD.

Proposals (2 each) should be addressed to:
Please State Mitigation Plan PDM on the Outside of Proposals.

Bill Ellis
Custer County
Disaster & Emergency Services Deputy Coordinator
1010 Main Street Suite 16
Miles City, MT 59301

For additional questions, please contact Bill Ellis at 406-874-3424 or

• There are five (5) pages to this RFP.
• Funding for this effort is provided through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the amount of $37,499.99, with $12,500.01 in Custer County matching funds.
• Custer County is not responsible for any costs incurred by prospective firms prior to the signing of a contract.

General Information

Proposal Acceptance Period
Award of this project shall be announced on Tuesday, the 16th of May, 2017, although all offers shall be completed and although all offers shall be completed and irrevocable for ninety (90) calendar days following the submission date.

Modification/Withdrawal of Proposals
A respondent may withdraw a proposal at any time prior to the final submission date by sending written notification of its withdrawal, signed by an agent authorized to represent the agency. The respondent may thereafter submit a new or modified proposal prior to the final submission date. Modifications offered in any other manner, oral or written, will not be considered. A final proposal cannot be changed or withdrawn after the time designated for receipt, except for modifications requested by Custer County Department of Disaster & Emergency Services after the date of receipt.

Oral Change/Interpretation
No oral change or interpretation of any provision contained in this RFP is valid whether issued at a pre-proposal conference or otherwise. Written addenda will be issued when changes, clarifications, or amendments to proposal documents are deemed necessary by Custer County Department of Disaster & Emergency Services.

Scope of Work

The Custer County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans updates shall follow the tasks outlined in this section.

1. Review the current PDM plan for Custer County.
2. Review and analyze natural and manmade hazards in Custer County.
• The consultant will become knowledgeable of existing hazards and how these hazards may impact the existing and future development of property, and the population in Custer County.
3. Engage the public throughout Custer County to develop the updated PDM Plan.
• Consultant, with the assistance of Custer County’s personnel, will facilitate meetings with first responders, government officials, community groups, nonprofits, private businesses, and individuals to present information and to understand the concerns and objectives of Custer County and its incorporated communities of City of Miles City and the Town of Is may.
4. Evaluate potential natural and manmade disasters in Custer County for a revised hazard assessment.
5. Recommend and prioritize hazard mitigation measures.
6. Determine necessary updates to the existing PDM Plans.
7. Ensure that revisions are consistent with the Montana All Hazard Mitigation Plan, and include FEMA PDM Plan requirements.
8. Develop a schedule, in cooperation with Custer County personnel, for hosting and completing community meetings throughout the planning process.
9. Data Collection and Analysis:
• The Consultant, in cooperation with Custer County personnel, shall collect the necessary data to evaluate the potential for natural and manmade disasters in Custer County. Information shall also be obtained from the area history, property status, infrastructure, land use, and other relevant subjects, in order to comprehensively analyze all aspects of Custer County. This will include utilizing all current plans associated with disaster and emergency response efforts including, but not limited to, the current PDM Plans, the Emergency Operations Plans, and the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.
• The Consultant shall report the analysis to the Custer County Department of Disaster & Emergency Services.
10. Soliciting Public Input:
• The Consultant and Custer County’s personnel shall hold a series of public meetings on the findings and revisions to the Custer County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans to solicit input from the public, first responders, and government officials, and engage them in an interactive draft plan evaluation. The draft plan will be made available to the public for a minimum of 30 days at locations throughout Custer County and online for comments. The plan must meet all of FEMA’s requirements and be approved through FEMA prior to getting the plan through the adoption process throughout Custer County including the incorporated of City of Miles City and the Town of Is may.
11. Reporting:
• The consultant shall provide Custer County with its quarterly reports detailing the progress, data analysis, modeling and plan development for FEMA reporting. All soft match contributions shall be tabulated by the consultant and submitted with the quarterly and final reports. A draft of the PDM shall be submitted and include all required sections by FEMA and input from the community. The draft plan will also be distributed for public review. The Department of Disaster and Emergency Services for Custer County shall review the draft and return any revisions to the consultant. The consultant shall submit the final revised PDM Plan to FEMA and Custer County. The consultant shall present the final document, once approved by FEMA, to the governing bodies of Custer County for adoption.
• At the conclusion of the contract, Custer County will be provided with a written summary of the process by which the final plan was developed for Custer County, including meeting schedules, agendas, notes, rosters of attendees, and soft match contributions made by Custer County to meet the requirements of the FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning Grant Award.
12. Deliverables
• The final draft must be completed by Friday, the 1st of June 2018.

Submittal Contents and Requirements

All proposals must be signed and shall not exceed ten (10) pages.
1. A letter of transmittal, including:
A. A statement indicating the applicant’s understanding of the work to be performed;
B. An affirmation of the firm’s qualifications for professionally and expertly conducting the work as understood;
C. The firm’s contact person concerning the proposal and a telephone number and email where that person can be reached.
2. Statement of Qualifications and Experience including:
A. A discussion of the firm’s professional practice, areas of specialization, and philosophy.
B. An affirmation of licensure to perform work in the State of Montana.
C. A discussion of the firm’s experience with work associated with preparing a PDM Plan, listing relevant examples.
3. Staffing and Project Management, including:
A. The number of executive and professional personnel by skill and qualification that will be employed in the project. Show where they will be physically located during the time they are engaged in the work. Indicate which of these individuals are considered key to the successful completion of the study or project.
B. Identify individuals by name and title that will do the work on this project and their availability.
C. Services to be provided by each team member.
D. Team organization/organization chart.
E. Technical resources.
F. Resumes or qualifications are required for proposed project personnel.
D. History of the firm.
E. Explanation of work to be performed, including:
• A detailed description of the procedures and methods you propose to use.
F. References
• List three references indicating project names, firm’s role and client contact information (including telephone and email).
G. Fees
• Consultant hourly rates for staff assigned to the project.
H. Schedule:
• A project work schedule should be provided which includes time frames for each major work element, and dates for completion of draft and final documents.

Proposal Deadline: Monday, the 1st of May, 2017 by 5 PM MST.
Open and Review Proposal: Tuesday, the 2nd of May, 2017
Award of Contract: Tuesday, the 16th of May, 2017.
Final Draft Deadline: Friday, the 1st of June 2018.

Selection Process and Criteria
A committee of individuals representing Custer County will perform an evaluation of the proposals. The committee will rank the proposals as submitted, reviewing for completeness, clarity, focus, conciseness and accuracy. They will also consider the relevance of experience, resources, references, quality and diversity of expertise and any additional information provided.

Responses to this RFP will be evaluated based upon the following factors as presented in the submitter’s proposal:
1. Professional Qualifications — 25 Points
• Qualifications of the firm’s personnel measured by education and experience, especially the specific person(s) that would be working on this project. The ability of the firm to meet the timetable identified for the project. Familiarity with the study area.
2. Experience with Similar Projects — 25 Points.
• Provide detailed information on experience with Previous PDM Plans and Plan updates including knowledge of current FEMA PDM Plan requirements. Provide at least three (3) references for which your firm has provided the same or similar services. Include a point of contact, current telephone number, and a brief description of the services provided.
3. Project Understanding and Methodology — 30 Points.
• Consultant should demonstrate thorough knowledge and understanding of natural and manmade hazards, the current State of Montana Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan and Statewide Hazard Assessment, and FEMA’s requirements for PDM Plans, describing in detail how the Consultant will accomplish each task as described in the Scope of Work.
4. Available Resources and Consultant Location – 10 Points
5. Recent or current work for Custer County—10 Points

Reservation of Rights
Custer County reserves the right to:
• Reject any or all proposals received in response to this request;
• Approve all personnel changes proposed by the consultant to complete the work;
• Cancel any task request in effect should it determine that the proposed staff is not available or assigned to the task order;
• Award contract(s) solely on the written proposal
• Request oral interviews with the highest-ranked firms (shortlist).
• Terminate negotiations with any Proposer should it be in the County’s interest.

Small and Minority Business, Women’s Business Enterprises, and Labor Surplus area Firms are encouraged to apply under Affirmative Contracting §200.321.

Insurance Requirement
The contractor shall maintain for the duration of the contract insurance coverage of $1,500,000.00 aggregate and $750,000 per occurrence against claims for injuries to persons or damages to property, including contractual liability, which may arise from or in connection with the performance of the work by the contractor, agents, employees, representatives, assignees, or subcontractors. The insurance shall cover such claims as may be caused by and any negligent act or omission.